Monday, March 9, 2009


One of my first crushes ever was in first grade on a guy named Fredrik. He was taller than me, always wore turtlenecks with something embroidered on the neck(my favorite was a dinosaur), and was missing his two front teeth. This post however is not about him. It is about a Swedish band named Fredrik. I guess you can say I have a crush on them too. I discovered them on a mix on Fuck A Great Lake last week and haven't stopped listening to them since.

Fredrik is a 6 piece band from Sweden. Just one listen of their song "11 years" and you'll know why I'm crushing on them! Listening to their music is like listening to a bedtime story complete with lovely melodies and soothing vocals. I fell in love with them so much that I broke my 3 year(give or take a few months) streak of having not bought a cd. I ordered their album, "Na Na Ni" and one of their EPs from their website. You can listen to "Na Na Ni" in it's entirety on their website and there's also a link to purchase the music. I'm crossing my fingers that they will play a show and I will get to see them before I leave Europe. Until then, I'll be content with my "bedtime stories".

I leave you with my favorite song from Na Na Ni, "11 years" and it's equally cool video!

Fredrik - 11 Years from The Kora Records on Vimeo.


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