Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday will never again be refered to as Spunday

I'm beginning to wonder if Soph is alive blogging-wise.

I started making a mix for today and before I knew it, I had 4 hours worth of songs. I'm still in the process of cutting it down and trying to decide where I want to go with it. At first, it was just going to be a bunch of stuff that I got over the past week. I decided later, while scrolling through iTunes, that at some point I'm going to have to upload an Anticon mix of some sort. I just love them too much to not get it out to people that are unfamiliar. They offer such a wealth of art and viewpoint.

Anyhow, that''ll come later. For now, here's stuff!
I figured that the initial Sole track would be a pretty good opener. It's short and fairly straightforward/autobiographical. really like track 2. The Brad P song is pretty cool. He's local, one of the singers of Snowglobe. The track is off of the Makeshift 5 compilation, out now around Memphis' record shops(Shangri-La, Goner, SpinStreetm Last Chance, etc.). "Suburb Party" was my favorite track on this Mike Ladd-lead project from the early 2000s. It features El-P and Vast Aire...

The Original Cyndi track is from several years ago. 2 of my studio partners were in that band in its original incranation. This was my favorite track from that period. The quality is ehhhh, but the song is excellent. The DAT Politics song is put on here just to annoy people that hate that type of music. I borderline hate it as well. Borderline.

Harlan T is another local, whose new album is getting really decent press. I still like the first one a lot more, but....I thought since this is more recent, it should be shared.

My brother let me borrow Samurai Champloo last week. I've never been into anime, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Fat Jon did some of the music for it, so when I got online and started looking into him more I found out he had done this album with Laptop guy, Styrofoam.

I downloaded 3 albums worth of Einst├╝rzende Neubauten yesterday and am still ingesting and digesting them. This is some seriously crazy shit. I left off most of the tinnitus inducing early stuff... I recommend them highly so far.

blah blah, where's Soph? I don't really feel like writing. Sorry if today sucks. I hope you enjoy the music anyhow.

The cover is included in the zip file itself. It's silly of course...

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The mix itself!!

Additionally, I just finished Dune(the 1984 film that David Lynch claims no cut of). What the fuck? I wish I rode a giant worm. He who controls the Spice...