Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Writer's Block

I'm alive! The title of the blog is not only the reasoning behind my recent absence, it's also the title of the latest album by Peter, Bjorn, and John. Ha...ha. That was my attempt at humor. Peter, Bjorn, and John is a Swedish Indie pop band that has become pretty popular recently due to their song, "Young Folks". You know the one...with the infectious whistling and the animated video. It's been everywhere! In commercials and in an episode of Grey's Anatomy. Even Kanye West rapped over the instrumental version of the song on his mixtape. If by chance you live under a rock and haven't heard it, here's the video which is as equally awesome as the song is.

That song is not the only gem on the album. The rest of the album delivers! "Amsterdam" is a catchy little diddy that holds a special place in my heart for obvious reasons. But it's a different city's namesake that takes the cake for me. "Paris 2004" is my favorite song on the album. I love the instrumentation and the vocals. The chorus, "I'm all about you, you're all about me, we're all about each other" has such simple lyrics, but it definitely defines the feeling of being in love!

There are only a few albums that I can listen to without skipping a track and this is one of them. I enjoy every song! If you haven't given it a listen, please do.
Here's "Paris 2004" and a "Call It Off" remix which was done by GirlTalk. Enjoy!
Paris 2004-Peter, Bjorn, and John
Call It Off-Peter, Bjorn, and John remix by GirlTalk